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      1. Welcome: Guangzhou sinray stage equipment co. LTD
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        About us

        Guangzhou Sinray stage equipment co., LTD., set production, sales, research and development, technical services in one of the professional stage equipment production enterprise, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the specialty is engaged in the modern stage machinery and equipment, rotating lamp, crown system, telescopic bleachers,combination of aluminum alloy TRUSS and TRUSS frame, the stands, assembling stage performances such as equipment development, design, production and sales.The company team is committed to absorbing and applying international advanced modern stage machinery technology, active innovation, continuous research and development, break through the stage industry has been conservative concept, to create a new technology innovation as the power, to the safety of equipment as the center of the stage equipment manufacturers.

        Stage chain electric hoist, the development of the new company manufactured gravity casting technology of high strength aluminum alloy shell, passed the European CE certification, and obtained patent of appearance design and technical design certificate, product support general performance project partners and performance group units, the use of consistent customer recognition and trust.

        The company's lighting boom, lifting, stretching, rotating stage, rotating light frame and other stage, under the stage machinery, are the application of international advanced technology, to provide customers with competitive modern stage mechanical system solutions and services.

        The company has achieved a proud business performance since the operation, the products of the majority of customers and the attention of the peers, the company will with its strong strength, new corporate image, first-class talent, the world's most advanced technology level, face the world, improve market share, committed to achieve the same trade leader.
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