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      1. Welcome: Guangzhou sinray stage equipment co. LTD
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        Sinray Will Participate In Entertainment Technology Show

        In 2019, Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show (hereinafter referred to as "2019GETshow") will be held on May 8th - 11th.

        Guangzhou Sinray stage equipment co., LTD., set production, sales, research and development, technical services in one of the professional stage equipment production enterprise, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the specialty is engaged in the modern stage machinery and equipment, rotating lamp, crown system, telescopic bleachers, combination of aluminum alloy TRUSS and TRUSS frame, the stands, assembling stage performances such as equipment development, design, production and sales.

        We welcome your arrival and look forward to meeting you.

        CONTACT US

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        Phone: 86-13531037301

        Tel: 86-20-31566510

        Email: sinraystage@hotmail.com

        Add: ?Room 211, building 2, minjie yidun mansion, jiapin 2nd street, panyu district, guangzhou.China

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