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      1. Welcome: Guangzhou sinray stage equipment co. LTD
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        SINRAY intelligent CNC Electric Hoist

        SINRAY E +, a High Quality Stage Electric Chain Hoist that makes lifting easier

        Intelligence is the beginning of the next era

        Every photo is a specimen of time; every test is the responsibility of Sinray; and SINRAY E + is a witness of the reform of the stage crane era.

        SINRAY E +, "control" whatever you want

        NO.1 built-in controller

        The first hoist controller was built into the fuselage. The hoist and controller were two in one, and the installation site was neat. In multi-lifting point lifting operations, it is easier to control and improve safety performance.

        NO.2 Built-in modular configuration

        In terms of structural design, we break through the traditional design and adopt the overall design to make the equipment more lightweight. The embedded modular configuration is seamlessly embedded into the fuselage, making the programming array function built-in and precise positioning control. Can realize a variety of action programming.

        NO.3 built-in intelligent monitoring

        The first all-in-one intelligent electric hoist with intelligent testing equipment built into the hoist, which greatly reduces your use cost to achieve comprehensive safety testing. It solves many problems such as poor synchronization when controlling multiple cranes, and does not need to be judged by the operator's experience. Realize real-time display of crane height and usage status data, allowing you to grasp the crane situation at any time, comprehensively guarantee safety, and provide better safety performance for each lifting

        NO.4 intelligent control

        With a wireless touch screen control device, we can achieve real-time operation of multiple lifting points and on-site debugging operations. This is of great significance for multi-task lifting, with higher security and greater ease of use.

        NO.5 installation is simple and easy

        It only needs to be connected through a power cord, saving 80% of wire. Easy installation. Solve the problems of complicated installation and complicated operation of traditional electric crane equipment, saving material, time and labor.

        NO.6 remote upgrade

        128 procedures and more than ten safety and motion tests. Exquisite craftsmanship and a newly designed system are perfect for the crane trajectory, which is smoother and smoother, and can be upgraded remotely indefinitely without leaving behind.

        High Quality Stage Electric Chain Hoist

        High Quality Stage Electric Chain Hoist

        Sinray, not just better.

        Every detail condenses the design's pursuit of perfect details and insistence on quality.

        Rigorous testing just to ensure consistent safety quality.

        SINRAY Stage Makes the Stage Safer!

        This is not just an intelligent CNC electric hoist, but a product attitude, a product that really considers actual needs, and a superb design that makes the stage safer and easier to install. Every inspiration we make is related to the details of the user experience. For SINRAY, excellence not only means high-quality products, but also represents an attitude.

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Beauty

        Phone: 86-13928707335

        Tel: 86-20-31566510

        Email: sinraystage@hotmail.com

        Add: ?Room 211, building 2, minjie yidun mansion, jiapin 2nd street, panyu district, guangzhou.China

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