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        Dance Beauty Design, Can Not Do Without These Stage Machinery

        The Stage Machinery is special mechanical equipment for the stage performance, which is used to create special effects in the live performance. In fact, as early as the 5th century BC, when the Greeks invented Deus ex machina (Latin: "God of Machines") Live performances have already been used on stage machines, and the actor is lowered from a height to the stage by a crane. The Romans also introduced these devices in detail, adding traps (similar to the lift stage) and underground pumping systems to perform water performances on the outdoor stage, while in some mysterious plays of the Middle Ages, similar to WIA and lifts were used. Stage machinery for mysterious appearances of demons and angel characters.

        early stage machinery
        Stage machinery can be divided into two categories: permanent machinery, that is, equipment that is part of the theater structure; and temporary machinery, that is, equipment that enters the theater and stage and is used in conjunction with specific production. The use of a large number of stage machines enhances the visibility of live performances and promotes the diversity of live performances, which is the future trend of stage performances.
        Stage mechanical control system
        The control system is an important part of the live performance stage machinery. The control system mechanically moves, tilts, and rotates the screen, set, and performers on the stage to bring an ever-changing performance to the scene.
        Different from the early manual control system, the stage machine has realized intelligent CNC, PLC programmable control system and servo control system are often used in today's stage machinery control. The PLC programmable control system and the integrated technology of machine, electricity, and liquid realize the movement of stage lifting, translation, telescopic, etc., so as to achieve the coordinated change of stage and dance, actors, scenes and lights.
        A servo control system is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a process whose purpose is to accurately track the input by the mechanical displacement (or corner) of the output. The main indicators to measure the performance of the servo control system are reflected in the system accuracy, stability, response characteristics, and operating frequency, especially in terms of bandwidth and accuracy. It is able to achieve precise movements on the stage, screens, actors, etc., perfect for performances.
        Stage lift
        More and more stages are designed to add stage lifts, which have a variety of functions such as lifting, rotating, tilting and so on. It can be used to quickly switch scenes, change stage shapes, create special stage effects, and meet the needs of dance design and choreographers who create exciting effects and dramatic displays by enhancing artists, band equipment and props. It is important.
        The stage lifts can be seen everywhere in the current performance scene. Whether it is a large concert, a conference or a theater, you can see the stage lifts. It brings more possibilities to the performance and is an indispensable part of the stage machinery.
        Sinray stage flexible column lifting stage
        Stage gourd
        Stage Electric Chain Hoist plays an important role in stage construction and stage performance. Among them, the chain hoist is used for stage construction and lifting of objects and can lift, position or pull the load from almost any angle even in a narrow space. It can keep workers safely away from the load during operation and can effectively prevent accidents and injuries.
        Stage Electric Chain Hoists are more used for stage performances, such as the ups and downs of large screens, the lifting, and tilting of lamps and stage props, etc. The CM Lodestar electric chain hoist like COLUMBUS MCKINNON has excellent performance and operation. Quiet, high-load cycle, first-class safety features, often used in large concerts and event performances.
        Robotic Arm
        Mechanical arm, robot, and other machinery are more applicable to industrial manufacturing, intelligent machinery and other aspects than the application on the stage. But this does not prevent the robotic arm from becoming the new favorite of stage machinery in recent years. The robotic arm can quickly rotate large screens on the stage, move the props on the stage, and even interact with the performers.
        The use of robotic arms on the stage is an innovative stage performance that adds more futuristic and visibility to live performances.
        The Stage Performances are more and more diversified, including the lights, indoor drones, 3D Mapping, holography, etc., all of which are constantly injecting new blood into the stage, bringing together the audio-visual feast again and again.

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