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      1. Welcome: Guangzhou sinray stage equipment co. LTD
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        2019Prolight+sound Guangzhou of Sinray stage

        Asia's largest modern exhibition center -- China import and export fair pavilion located in pazhou island, guangzhou, China, will welcome a large international exhibition -- Prolight+Sound exhibition in guangzhou in 2019.

        Guangzhou light and sound show has been focusing on the global lighting and sound industry, attracting hundreds of countries and regions of the top exhibitors every year.

        Sinray stage exhibition staff warmly greet the guests reception, the flow of visitors, endless, sinray stage shows the current domestic highest protection grade IP56 (dustproof and waterproof) 1 ton and 2 tons of electric chain hoist.At the exhibition site, we have successively and profoundly established eager communication and business cooperation with domestic and foreign potential customers, and at the same time, we have won unanimous praise from new and old customers for our sales and services and affirmation of product quality.

        At the beginning of the New Year, sinray stage hand in hand with the vast number of customers go hand in hand, common development expectations, 2019 sinray stage focus on expanding investment agents worldwide, welcome the industry professionals and performing arts peer inquiry, we warmly welcome you to choose wisdom become our partner.Sinray stage development philosophy: make the stage safer!After-sale worry-free, lifelong service.

        Sinray intelligent manufacturing: gravity casting technology one-time molding box and box cover, compact structure, end cover o-ring seal, outdoor use of waterproof and dustproof, IP56 protection level;

        Two-way self-correcting chain guide system, wear-resisting nylon material, reject the chain;

        Light and compact construction, humanized handle, high strength chain bag, low noise operation, 8 times safety factor chain, climbing or standard lifting.

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        Phone: 86-13928707335

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        Email: sinraystage@hotmail.com

        Add: ?Room 211, building 2, minjie yidun mansion, jiapin 2nd street, panyu district, guangzhou.China

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